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    Brand New Wedding Dress (Short/White/Lace) at 99sgd

    Hi Brides to be, I have two brand new Short Wedding Dresses for sale. Price at SGD 99. After I made these purchases, I decided to tailor made a long wedding gown hence I did not wear the two short dresses (and I did not have pre wedding photo shoot). Dress 1 - first four photos: White short...
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    WTS Various Weddings Gowns/Evening Gowns/Short Gowns/Slight Train/Ultra Long Train Gown/Kua

    Graduated bride selling all her gowns!!! selling various wedding gowns, evening gowns, short-length gowns, gowns with ultra long trains, shorter trains, etc, kuas too!! i have some accessories for sale too for wedding gowns as well as for kuas!! lots of gowns!!! suitable for actual wedding...