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    SELLING: Seletar broadway Prewedding+Actual Day package

    Price: $3,388 + GST (Special Exhibition Rate) (I have already paid a deposit of $2,140 ($2,000 + $140 GST)) Package purchased in May 2018 (Open Date) Please see the following for the details of the package: ROM Bride one short dress Makeup and hair styling Pre-wedding Shoot: *All gowns are...
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    Hello BTBs, I’m putting up an offer at $3,388 PW + AD Wedding Package for Seletar Broadway Bridal Studio. Got it at a really good deal during the roadshow event early this year but I have to let it go due to personal reasons. Price: $3,388 + GST (Special Exhibition Rate) (I have already paid a...
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    Letting go seletar broadway wedding package (prewedding + actual day)

    Hi, Due to changes in plans, I am letting go of said wedding package (local). Details as follows: Pre-wedding shoot Package Includes: 36 poses,12 pages; 12"x30" cross page PVC + CD selected 5R full page duplicate pose (30 out of 36) Guest book 20"x24" 1pc or 3in1 Canvas with frame 10"x12" table...