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    WTB Gown Package

    WTB gown package (i.e. your relieving your obligations) without compensating for deposits paid (slightly negotiable). Please telegram me your package details @ astuka89. Seldom check the PM here. Thank you.
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    Looking for a wedding gown for rent

    Hello! I am a foreigner working in Singapore. I am looking for a wedding gown rental for my upcoming ROM solemnisation. Any suggestions where I can rent a reasonably priced gown for one day please? Many Thanks.
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    Wedding Car Rental: Yellow VW Beetle (with Sunroof)

    Yellow Beetle 1.2 TSI with Sunroof. Rate: $288/ 24hrs. Available for photo shoot and actual day wedding. (Discount given for renting more than 24 hrs.) Make memories with the bug. A wedding car unlike the rest. A colour so bright, it brightens the day. The perfect car for the perfect day. Have...
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    MPH Rental

    Hey! I'm a 2020 bride and was wondering the cost for MPH rental? I'm aware that the prices are on the town council web but I hope the experienced malay brides can share more? The accumulated/estimated amount including electrical and such? Thanks. :)
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    Wedding Chauffeur

    7 seater MPV for rent to transport your brothers/sisters or family relatives to your wedding or party. Be hassle free in your big day! Price quoted is 60 sgd per hour basis, including petrol and driver manpower. No surcharge for predawn bookinh, contact me at 82009789 or PM me for promo rates...