1. T

    WTS Wedding Photo Table Decoration Credits

    Hi everyone, we are looking to sell our wedding photo table decoration credits from thepartyjeanie (worth SGD212.50) at only SGD$188 The credits are valid from now till June 2021. Feel free to have a look at the vendor's portfolio @ You will be able to use the...
  2. S

    Designer Neha Agarwal Reception Gown

    Featuring an amazing designer piece by Neha Agarwal in off white/ cream to electric blue shaded floor length gown in pearl leather flower design and rhinestones all over the bodice. Composition: Chiffon Care : Dry clean only Wore it only once for my Wedding Reception. The gown is available for...
  3. A

    Post Wedding Sale / Rent

    My Wedding is blissfully completed and i would like to let go some items. GDL Items Brand New Couple slipper - 2 for $20 Plates (used once) - $5 each Brand New Groom Silk Pyjama - $10 Gatecrash Items Brand New Xiong Di Tie (Set of 6) - $4 each Props (used once) - $10...
  4. C

    Rental of wedding props!

    Visit Joviality Facebook Page or Jovialitysg Instagram for rental of wedding props for photo shoot, reception table and etc at an affordable rate!!
  5. cheesecakefan123

    WTS: Wedding Game Booth/Board Game

    Selling a board game that I used for my wedding dinner reception to occupy guests, called Tablecurling. Rules of the game is to slide the token to reach the targeted bulls eye. Simple and easy. Very popular at my wedding with the guests as it provides entertainment and occupy them while...