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    WTS 10hrs AD PG & VG + 2hrs Photobooth @ $1788!

    GREAT DEAL!!! Unfortunately, they are not available on my postponed date. Hence, I'm letting go of this package with Elevated Productions, only @ $1788. Bought at promotional price @ $1888 (deposit paid $888). Validity is until end of 2021...
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    Letting go Wedding Photography Package

    Dear BTBs, I am letting go of my package with French Wedding Couture. Package consists of: / 10 hours AD photography / 2 hours of Photobooth (unlimited shots, includes backdrop, props and lighting as well as photo templates chosen by you) / Bridal car bouquet / Bride’s AD bouquet Paid...
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    Wayne Studio

    Hi all, Memories of the wedding day is an important one for all couples, we are usually so caught up in the list of to-dos then we may miss out what happened during the actual day, and it's always heartwarming to look back at those moments with your loved ones. Having just completed my...
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    Hi all, Looking for btb that are letting go their photobooth. My wedding is on 5 Jan 2019. Looking at about $300. Looking for videographer too if possible. About $1000