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    Seeking Recommendation for MUA under TGH

    Hi all, I need some recommendations here on MUAs under The Gown Warehouse. Anyone had a particular good experience with the any of the listed MUAs? Thanks!
  2. H


    Hi everyone, I have engaged Esta Hsu, the Principal Artist from Aesta Makeup to be my bridal MUA earlier May this year. I only did my trial makeup in Oct this year which is almost 5 months later. I had a very unpleasant experience with Esta when i went for my trial makeup in Oct. She does not...
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    Actual Day Photo+Videography

    I am letting go of a package for your actual wedding day! PM me if you are interested to find out more.
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    WTS: Wedding Package!!!

    Getting married this year? And have not found anything suitable? Too troublesome to get ala-carte? Pre Wedding & Actual Day is all in!!! PM me if you are interested!!!
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    Hair (just roots) Rebonding before Photoshoot

    Hi, can someone advise if it's advisable to do just a touch up rebond on the roots of the hair (not the whole head) 2.5 months before photoshoot? I have untamed hair so my usual is full head rebond every 4 months. So I am wondering if just roots rebond 2.5 months before photoshoot is ok...