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    Potential Lovenest / L'atelier Problem (City gate)

    Hello BTBs 2024! Would just like to ask around if anyone is in the same circumstances as us. We signed a bridal package with French Wedding in Jan 2023, for PWS + Actual day gowns and suit rental. Our actual day is sometime in May 2024. Happily went for PWS and was satisfied with the...
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    WTS- Malena Bridal with PG & VG (AD) Absorb $1000 Deposit

    Package inclusive of: Total: $4676 Selling away at $3676 (Super Worth it with Photo& videography inclusive!) Actual Day: 10 Hours Photography & Videography (Return all soft copies) 1 x Wedding Gown (Designer Range) 1 x Evening Gown 1 x Kua 2 x Groom Suit 2 x Father’s Jacket 2 x Make up & 2 x...
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    Letting go of Malena Haute Couture Actual day Package

    Hi , Letting go of this package due to unfortunate events This package includes : 1 x wedding gown ( designer range ) * you have to top up from $500 but it is inclusive in this package* 1 x Evening gown/kua 2 x Groom Suit 1 x fresh flower bridal standard hand bouquet 6 x corsages ( 2 roses...
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    Malena Bridal Haute Couture - gown rental package to let go at discount

    Looking to let go of ala carte Ida Torez white wedding gown rental at sgd$1.9k (original agreed price was sgd$2388, so you have $500 discount). I already have another wedding gown rental, and was deciding to rent this as the evening gown as it sort of suited the ethereal look I was looking...