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    WTS: Jul 2023 Malay Wedding Package

    Hello brides to be! Selling off my 2023 Malay Wedding Package for 104 pax. Package includes venue, decor, catering, door gifts (Boms & Buns) and emcee services. The venue is at Casa Bayu which is an extremely beautiful and intimate space located in the central area. Event timing is between 10am...
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    Malay and Chinese Wedding 2023

    Hi! I was wondering if there are any packages for Chinese and Malay wedding? The plan is to have the tea ceremony and then the solemnization and wedding reception. Will be having a small reception of 50-80 pax. Wonder if the menu can be customized as my groom side can't eat beef and my side have...
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    Chinese-Malay Wedding

    Hi! My wedding is in October 2020 and a basically I'm Malay, and getting married to my Chinese boyfriend. Are there any other Chinese-Malay couples here too and if so, can you guys share how you guys are coping with 2 different families and cultures? I'm also interested to know what kind of...
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    MPH Rental

    Hey! I'm a 2020 bride and was wondering the cost for MPH rental? I'm aware that the prices are on the town council web but I hope the experienced malay brides can share more? The accumulated/estimated amount including electrical and such? Thanks. :)