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    WTS Actual Day Make-up By Bypattcia for 30 April 2023

    Letting go of actual day make-up session package by Patricia Jaihan. Package consists of: • 1 Bridal make up and hairstyle (430-7am on 30 April 2023) • Makeup trial (2-3 weeks before actual day) Deposit paid: $380 Package cost: $760 Remaining balance to be paid on actual day. Refer to more...
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    Letting go Bridal Package with MALENA/Love Story

    Hello!! Selling of my Bridal Package with Malena Bridal Haute Couture. Below are the items that are included in the package. ❥ 1 Pcs Designer Wedding Gown (Selection includes their sibling company - Love Story) ❥ Kua Set ❥ 2 Pcs of Suit (Can be used for Father/Father In law/Brother as well) ❥...
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    WTS - Banquet Lunch/Make Up/Photography

    Hi there, Letting go of the following: 1. Luncheon at Shangri La hotel ballroom - first deposit is paid and the date of event can be changed to anytime before 30 June 2020. 2. Make up - Cleo Chang (1 make up look + 1 touch up) 3. Photography - Anabel Law Productions senior associate (10...