interior designer

  1. myin

    Recommending my ID

    Hi All ! For those gotten your keys , feel free to contact my ID if you need a trustworthy service ! I really love his ideas and design. Told him I really like Cosy home and he plan out everything for me ! disclaimer : well I do know the ID personally but I’m not getting any referral fees or...
  2. W

    Affordable Wedding Venue WOLA @ Sembawang

    Love is the light that brightens each other heart's Celebrate your special day at WOLA now! WOLA is an affordable wedding venue with a beautiful interior to make your special day picture perfect We are accepting booking such as weddings, birthday parties, filming and more! (of course...
  3. S

    Avoid this ID! Ken Tan

    I would like to share my experience with an interior designer who responded to my request for quote through Renopedia. TL;DR - Ken Tan (Tan Ken Liang, 91878226) delayed our renovation of a 4 Rm HDB (2 bedrooms without furnishing) by almost 6 months. This delay might have stretched further had...