home reno

  1. myin

    Recommending my ID

    Hi All ! For those gotten your keys , feel free to contact my ID if you need a trustworthy service ! I really love his ideas and design. Told him I really like Cosy home and he plan out everything for me ! disclaimer : well I do know the ID personally but I’m not getting any referral fees or...
  2. J

    Opening promo

    To all hdb owners, JMJ Home Solutions slidearm promo price of $40 is now available to all owners without any required quantity hurry now and pm me for appointment slots. This promotion will end on 11.11.2020. Once promo ended we will revert the price to $50 single $40 group promo. Benefits...
  3. J


    Hi You guys heard of Qanvast and had engaged ID through them before? Can give me feedback on them please? Really like some of the reno done by their ID. Saw many discounts for some vendors if book ID through them. So tempted....