guo da li

  1. S

    囍 Wedding Marquee Light 喜喜 for rent!

    Hello all brides-to-be, I am renting out a 囍 wedding marquee light! This is a very unique and exclusive piece that can be placed on your wedding reception table to gain the most attention and attraction, Definitely elevating the game of your reception table. This is very instagrammable...
  2. V

    free filming for couple 过大礼 process

    Hi, we are a group of Year 2 students from Temasek Polytechnic, Digital Film and Television. Currently, we are working on a documentary project on the topic of Chinese Weddings, thus we are looking for a couple who is having their 过大礼 process either this coming week or next week! We will be...
  3. C

    Selling Sewing Kit for 过大礼

    Hi, I’ve accidentally bought an extra sewing kit from taobao for my 过大礼. So selling away one of them which is brand new at $12 self collect at Buona Vista Mrt. The second pic which shows what it contains within is based on mine. The brand new one is sealed.
  4. eang18

    Rent a huge Guo Da Li Wedding Betrothal Basket

    I have a huge Guo Da Li Wedding Betrothal Basket for rental. Rent this biggest basket to make a difference to this once in a lifetime event :) Do it the traditional way and Impress your in laws with your sincerity by bringing the pig trotters, oranges, dried foods and biscuits/ snacks in the...