1. weilingsin

    WTS Wedding Dinner Package on 27Oct18 (Saturday) at HOLIDAY INN ORCHARD CITY CENTER

    Hi my friends are urgently letting go of their wedding dinner package at Holiday Inn Orchard City Center. - date : 27th October 2018 - 25 tables MINIMUM, 38 table MAXIMUM - 5000sgd off from the package - ONE NIGHT stay (premier room) - TWO NIGHTS stay (deluxe suite - bridal room) -...
  2. A

    wts love n co vouchers at cheap price!!

    I have $200 Discount voucher with minimum spending $1500 to sell away (selling at $80) selling at cheaper rate 27/4/17 Their wedding bands are usually more than $1500 so it is easy to hit their minimum spending in order to use the voucher I have another $300 discount voucher with minimum...