1. K

    La belle couture voucher & DrSpa/DrHair voucher for sale

    Item 1: La belle couture $200 gift voucher on signature and indulgence bridal packages. Valid till 31 Dec 2019. Selling at $60. Item 2: DrSpa / DrHair voucher Repair and Rejuvenate Facial or Deep Cleanse Scalp Treatment. Valid till 31 Dec 2018. Selling at $60. Selling Item 1 and Item 2 at a...
  2. M

    Marriage Preparation Programme

    Hello all! I am currently an undergraduate in a local U, currently conducting a market research for soon-to-wed couples on Marriage Preparation Programme (MPP)! It is basically a short survey (approx 5 minutes) on your views on MPP, which will play a part in conductors of MPP to tailor their...
  3. E

    Orchid Country Club Dinner Banquet

    Hi , Wish to let go of my wedding banquet package, don't mind forfeit deposits. Interested please contact me @ 82281834. Thank you.
  4. acidic12345

    Grand Hyatt Dinner WKEND Banquet - Extras?

    Hi Who has recently booked a wedding banquet with Grand Hyatt? Care to share your additional perks/freebies/discounts given? Pls PM Thanks