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    Letting go of Photography and Videography credits (The Clover Photo)

    Have $3.4k store credits and selling it off at $3k. Store mentioned that the credits are able to use for all services. However, if you decide to add on any services and it is more than $3.4k, you will need top up the remaining extras at your own expense. Not available for any promotion...
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    Tips For Great Marriage

    Hmmm .... I was wondering if I should be posting this since I have been having last 2 years of marriage issue. Anyways, I am now married for 32 yrs of which 28 yrs were great. Here are my tips .... 1. Communicate (verbal or notes) everyday. Share what each encountered for the day. Any new...
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    Should I get marriage with a woman 10 years older than me?

    I met her at work. She is in mid 30s beautiful, mature and caring. I am in mid 20s energetic,warmhearted and humorous. Though we have huge age gap, we both love each other. We have been in love for months until now. We promise each other we will not have sex before marriage. I know she need a...
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    Hi guys, it's my first time posting on a local forum and I decided to look into forums because I'd like to seek medical advices and hopefully to also get some emotional support. I'm considered a young stay-at-home mother, happily married, and we have a son who's just 5. About a month ago, my...