engagement ring

  1. J

    Please help me! A survey of engagement ring

    Which brand you'd love to have as your engagement ring ? Which aspect is the most important ? What does an engagement ring mean for you? It will takes you 2 minutes to finish a survey about luxury jewelry an engagement ring.
  2. M

    Canary Diamonds/Michael Trio/Carat 55/Gem by Gem engagement rings

    Hi ladies, my HTB and I have been to a couple of jewelers recently and trying to look through some online reviews but I wanted to check with all you lovelies if you had your engagement ring made by any of these: Canary Diamonds/Michael Trio/Carat 55/Gem by Gem? If so would you mind sharing a...
  3. C

    Gemstone engagement ring

    Hello BTBs and graduated brides! I’m actually interested in gemstone engagement ring (apart from diamond), does anyone has any recommendations or any experiences to share?
  4. sh4uni3

    Selling 5.55 carat green tourmaline on 22k gold ring with celtic knots design

    Selling 5.55 carat green tourmaline on 22k gold ring with celtic knots design with gemstone certification. $3000 Price negotiable. Whatsapp @ 90181032
  5. Yinger

    [WTS]Selling 0.52 Cartar Diamond Ring

    SK True love diamond ring 0.52 Carat, VS2. purchased in Dec 2015 at $5,180(U.P. $7,000plus), have official receipt and diamond certification Want to sell at $2,200 now Email: [email protected]
  6. F

    WTS Love and Co engagement ring and wedding band voucher

    $300 voucher for engagement rings (min $2500 spent) --> WTS $250 $200 voucher for wedding band (min $1500 spent) --> WTS $150 All prices negotiable. drop me an email at [email protected]
  7. R

    customisation of existing engagement ring?

    Hi, my grandmother gave me her original engagement ring - 1950s style - and I'm intending to use it as my engagement ring. The setting is little outdated, and I was thinking of changing the setting and adding some filigree to the existing ring. However, I want to preserve the band, as it has my...