1. Jessica.Ruth

    WTB Wedding Lunch

    for July 2022. Pm me if you're selling
  2. A

    WTS: Wedding Catering Package

    Hi all! Looking to sell off a wedding catering package due to personal reasons. Buffet Caterer: Orange Clove Minimum pax: 100 Venue: At your choice Date: At your choice Discount: 10-15% (depending on the number of pax Sit down Buffet: $80 per pax Standing Buffet: $20-40 per pax Menu can be...
  3. J

    Looking for Solemnization + chinese lunch/international buffet for 30+pax

    We are looking to find a place to have our solemnization and have either chinese restaurant style lunch or international buffet with seafood for about less than 40 pax. Any hotel or restaurants to introduce?
  4. ckjmxx

    Solemnization venue & lunch

    Hi BTBs & graduated brides! Any recommendation for solemnization venue with nice view/scenery? (eg. overlooking MBS or outdoor nature view) Am considering buffet or Chinese restaurant for 80-100 pax :)
  5. N

    Any venue suggestions for 8 July 2017?

    Hello all, I am looking for venue options that could accommodate 200-250 guests for lunch. Ideally, we would like a venue: - max. $1000 per table - with daylight - air-conditioned Anyone has experiences with organising a catered lunch at a rented venue? I like the idea of holding it at a...