bridal car decoration

  1. S

    Letting go: Yvonne Creative Actual Day Photography (10hr) + make up + hairdo session package

    Hi, I would like to let go of Actual day package by Yvonne Creative ( Inclusive of: 1. Actual day photography (10 hours) - all soft copy return 2. Actual day Make up and hairdo, with hair accessories - 2 sessions (Day & night or lunch) + 1 Trial make up (can be...
  2. Chantel Leong

    Let go: Bliss Bridal Creations S$3388

    Hi, We have a gown and photography package to release. The shop is located at Tanjong Pagar. This is a very good deal as this was signed years ago. Total cost: S$3388 (S$1350 to be payable to us, S$1888 to be payable to Bliss Bridal) Kindly pm me at +85295775633 if you are interested...
  3. D

    WTS: BNIP flower garlands

    brand new in pack flower garlands for sale. about 1.5m long each 3 packets available. 2 red, 1 pink ideal for bridal car decoration or wedding venue decoration 1 packets for $7