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    Hi! I am selling my PWS package from Bluebay. (New Zealand - Queenstown) - Pls pm me for the price or info. Thanks 8 hours of photography service 30 copies 18" Album Size 30" Album Size (Canvas + waterproof) Photo album suit case Electronic files of your selected photos Guest signing book...
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    WTS BlueBay's Evening Gown + 2 make up & hairdos

    Hi everyone, we are looking to sell our evening gown package which you can choose to rent from a wide assortment of evening gowns from Blue Bay Wedding. The package includes: 1) 1 x Evening gown rental 2) 2 Make up 3) 2 Hairdo These are valid now till the end 2021. We would also be please to...
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    WTS Bluebay Wedding Package

    Hi, Letting go a package with Bluebay wedding. We have negotiated for many perks and the package is open to change perks and locations (overseas or local). If you are keen, you can let me know where is your ideal shoot location etc and we can fix a meeting together with Bluebay to discuss...