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    Hi! I am selling my PWS package from Bluebay. (New Zealand - Queenstown) - Pls pm me for the price or info. Thanks 8 hours of photography service 30 copies 18" Album Size 30" Album Size (Canvas + waterproof) Photo album suit case Electronic files of your selected photos Guest signing book...
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    WTS BlueBay's Evening Gown + 2 make up & hairdos

    Hi everyone, we are looking to sell our evening gown package which you can choose to rent from a wide assortment of evening gowns from Blue Bay Wedding. The package includes: 1) 1 x Evening gown rental 2) 2 Make up 3) 2 Hairdo These are valid now till the end 2021. We would also be please to...
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    WTS BlueBay Wedding AD Package

    Hello, I am looking to let go a Actual Day Photo & Video Shoot due to unforeseen circumstances. Package includes: 1x Bridal Gown (All Range) 1x Men’s Suit 1x Bridal Makeup Bridal Hand Bouquet 6x Flower Corsages Bridal Car Decorations 9 Hours Videography 9 Hours Photography - Unlimited Shots -...