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    WTS Designer Paolo Sebastian Iconic Gown - Swan Lake

    Hi BTBs, I've just done my wedding recently in Oct 2019 and I'm hoping to sell my authentic Paolo Sebastian most inconic gown - Swan Lake. Paolo Sebastian is an Australian designer who stole the hearts away once the Swan Lake hits the runway. It was The most pinned dress on Pinterest and was...
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    WTS: France Paris Bridal Package (PWS + AD Gowns)

    Hello! We're letting go of a pre-wedding shoot (PWS) and actual day gown and suit rental package from France Paris Bridal (法国巴黎). For the PWS, you can choose to take it in either Taiwan or Singapore. Do leave a comment if interested and I'll PM you the details! Price is negotiable! Thank you!
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    WTS AD Full Package (PG + VG + Bridal + MUA)

    There are some changes in our Wedding Planning thus letting go. I'm a big fan of their works, signed with them at BOWS recently as they gave S$900 rebate & have negotiated the following amazing deal: Malena Bridal Worth: > S$9k+++ Asking: < S$7k (Each package is about S$2k only) Date is...
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    WTS: France Paris Bridal Package for PWS in Taiwan/HongKong/Singapore + AD + AD 10HR PG (法國巴黎)

    Dear all, I am letting go of a bridal package from France Paris (法國巴黎) which includes 1) Pre-Wedding Shoot + 2) Actual Day + 3) Actual Day 10Hr Photography as we have some unfortunate family issues and will have no choice but to give up the package. Below are the details: 1) Pre-Wedding Shoot...
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    [WTS] Letting go Whitelink PWS + AD gown rental package

    Hi BTBs, due to personal reasons I am letting go of a Whitelink PWS + AD gown rental package at a good price. We managed to negotiate a very good deal at the time of signing. If anyone's interested please PM me to discuss more. You can also leave me a message with your contact details and I...
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    WTS: AD 2 gowns+1 suit rental package (SG)

    Hi brides-to-be, I have AD gown rental package with Yourlove Bridal studio at AMK. for 1 white gown 1 evening gown 1 men's suit No limit on AD date. Please PM me for more details.