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    How to make your skin glow best naturally for your wedding

    Flawless skin is always deemed as beautiful. For too many years, I’ve been a fool, heeding the advices of ‘beauty experts’ and had spent thousands of dollars just to fix my skin problems (from oily and combination skin type to acne to scars to dry to uneven skin tone to black heads / white...
  2. W

    Skin Issue

    I’ve this skin issue that popped up 1 year ago and it’s like little bumps under the skin. And sometimes it becomes red. Is this actually acne? Or allergic reaction? I’m so depressed that I don’t really meet people now. It’s appearing at the side of my face. I visited the ToaPayoh kim mun but all...
  3. R Scarlett

    Facial Recommendation

    Lucky me has finally found a NO HARD SELL facial salon located at CBD area and my skin has improved so much after just 4 facials! So my Friend who’s getting married soon has been going to them as well before her big day, and she actually met her Make Up Artist there who’s a Friend of the salon...