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    Batam guy??

    Hello, want to hear all opinions abt the guys from Batam? Is it ideal to go into relationship with an indonesian man whom came to batam to work for less than a year? Okay or not to be involved or not? A short brief: I got to know this man who is still a driver (of cos tour grp typical) and...
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    Advice need: want a cooling off period for real

    Eversince i discovered my husband's affair thru a third party and yes he admitted his affair some weeks later, it has been more than 3 months, and i begun to find it quite irritating n intolerating to live with my husband. yes I myself do not know why i keep picking quarrels with him over his...
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    Enquiry on bankrupt.

    I need to know if the bankrupted loved one is allowed to hv supplementary card and is it a must for me to hand over partial of my savings to help the bankrupted loved one in order to let him stay in the green zone? I m at my wits as i dun wish to part with my savings actually. I dun want to...