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    M1 1box

    Hi all, just to share my experience. I have got the M1 1box free for 1 year as a package sign up for fiber and mobile plan. But seemingly it is of no use at all. Left it under my bed for 1 year and now I need to return the box as M1 keeps charging for it. And because I didn't have the time to...
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    Divorce proceeding

    Hi dear members, Please advice on what is the Divorce proceeding to getting divorce after only half a year of marriage. I hear my friend saying that there is something like a "Nullified of Marriage" provision for marriages that is less than a certain period of time. Can anyone please...
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    Why women cheat on their husband? Ladies please enlighten me ..

    Dear all, I'm very puzzled about why women cheat on their husband. Men cheat is because they wanted to have sex with more women and they can explore more about women. ( This is what I thought.) But why do women cheat? What do they get out of it??? Can anyone enlighten me?
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    What should I do? Divorce her or not? Please advice

    Dear members, Please offer me some good advice regarding my marriage. I'm in total lost as to what to do. I'm only married a few months ago with a China girl. I love her very much and I thought she loves me too. Recently she went back to China for 3 weeks and I didn't go with her due to...