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    Japan trip - Chan Brother or CTC ?

    But credit card is not so commond in japan. bring much money to get there.
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    Japan trip - Chan Brother or CTC ?

    SA is my choice. I just go there last new year. all nice.
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    Israel anyone?

    Im planing want to there actualy. any suggest?
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    Israel anyone?

    Got any photo about that country?
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    Any photo share wf us for redang view? Pls email [email protected] thk
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    Kuala Lumpur

    Anyone recomemded Hotel in KL?
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    MUST GO--- please recommend places in Hong Kong**

    But im more prefer taiwan . depends
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    Sometime just take my rest at KL.
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    there will take 10 hour to get there from singapore , tire driving
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    Taipei - budget accomodation ???

    any nice hotel in Tainan?
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    Taiwan F&E

    Never bring a lot of your cloth to there, always slow us down for the heavy baggage.
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    anyone share Utah ?