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    London Cab Wedding Car

    Hihi! Can u PM me too? Thanks so much!
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    (2015/10) October 2015 BTBs

    Anyone can recommend reasonable church floral decor? Have gotten a few quotes.. :/ i guess the prices are quite competitive but since have not laisie with any, would be good to have recommendations. Thank you! :)
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    (2015/10) October 2015 BTBs

    @naiyoucreamy: 17 Oct 2015 :)
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    Casual photoshoot

    Hope it helps!! :)
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    Casual photoshoot

    I cant recall at the moment cos the hardcopy contract not with me. :( Just email/text them for a quote. Quite fast response.
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    Casual photoshoot

    You can check out All aflutter. Using them for pre & AD :)
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    (2015/10) October 2015 BTBs

    Hi! Am an Oct 2015 BTB. Could you add me in the FB page too? [email protected]. Thank you! :)
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    Letting go 2015 wedding dinner package from Goodwood Park

    Hi, Is this still available as my date is 17th too. Thanks!
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    WTB: Looking for Dinner Banquet 1 Aug 2015

    Hi, Anyone has sit down dinner banquet at hotel (pref if in town? for about either 25tables or 35 tables? (might do lunch+ dinner or combined dinner). Pls PM me. Thank you! ([email protected])