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    Merchant Court Swissotel

    Hi, im interested in having my Wedding lunch at SMC. Can anyone who's got her package there share the details with me? My email is [email protected] Is it possible to neg for free flow beer and 1 complimentary bottle of wine for each table?
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    Regent Singapore

    Oops, sorry - just read that there's complimentary food tasting. But would still appreciate it if anyone can share on the package that you have - my email is above. Also, which coordinator is more open to negotiation? Thanks very much!
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    Regent Singapore

    Is anyone getting their lunch package? Can share with me what are the perks you got? I am looking at the package but doesn't seem to include complimentary food tasting??
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    Regent Singapore

    Hi, Can also add me to FB? I'd like to view the pics. Just learnt that Regent has the date I want for both lunch and dinner. So happy! it's [email protected] Thanks!
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Hi liquidza, Earlier I was also considering Crowne Plaza for another date but my best friend is holding her wedding at Crowne Plaza end of 2011 so I may not want to also hold at the same venue. Moreover my htb thinks the hotel is too far, altho the hotel seems to have good reviews and the...
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    Grand Park City Hall

    Hi, Can somebody give me Janice's mobile no or DID no? I had such a bad experience at GPCH yesterday at the wedding show. Few days ago, I met Ivy Yio, a wedding coord at GPCH. Although she wasn't exactly very friendly but I found her to be reasonably professional and for 2 days I was really...
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    thanks for the advice, liquidzza. I've asked the shortlisted hotels to block the date for me. In fact, after a few days of consideration, we have decided to forego Carlton because of the negative feedback we have come across online and from our friends. No doubt the ballroom and hotel lobby are...
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Hi, I am new to the forum. I just visited MM today and spoke with Wendy. Am seriously considering MM Vanda Ballroom as the perks are quite good and it's available for dinner on the date we want. However, seems like there are quite a no. of negative feedback on the food. Is it really that bad? I...
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi, I am new to the forum. Like to ask if anyone has any comments on the food? We were told by Winnie Lo that the food served on AD is from Wah Lok but my fiance's brother who had given a treat to his family at the Wah Lok restaurant and subsequently attended someone else's wedding banquet at...
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    2012 - Wedding Banquets

    Hi Helen, Can you send me the price list for 2012? [email protected] Thanks much! Regards Ivy