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    No Gate Crash and Jiemeis?

    Hello! Anyone planning to skip Gate Crash and also not having Brothers & Sisters? I am wedding lunch and in a dilemma now of whether to have gate crash & engage brothers/sisters help :( Any advice for me? TIA!
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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    Hi Amanda, we are okanning on 5 Oct, you? :) but have yet to sign contract.. I am a bit turn off with her service as she told me that she had an event today, asked the timing where we would wsnt to come down. I emailed her and no reply. We went down today but didn't see her :( Any idea in the...
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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    Hello everyone! Anyone sales manager is Stephanie Ong? Most likely I'll be signing up with pan pac for wedding lunch 2014 :) I have not met her yet but my hub had, but lately her replies of email seemed unprofessional which worries me whether she will be helpful on the actual day...
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    ROM first, then cusotmary

    I'll ROM this yr & customary might be 2-4yrs later. We intend to do customary after our flat is ready. Is that the same reason why your ROM & customary are a few yrs apart?