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    JP Mr Eric Wong

    Hi, Can send me Mr Eric Wong picture?My email is [email protected]
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    JP Mr Eric Wong

    Hi, Can send me Mr Eric Wong picture?
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    ROM @ SAF Yatch Club

    Hi Queenny So what time is yours. I heard that there are 3 couples on that day...
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    $100 for Registrar to officiate solemnization outdoors??

    HiHi My ROM venue will also be at SAF Yatch CLub... Could you share with me the theme you have chosen? If possible, could you pm your ROM photo? Thanks in advance!!!
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    Ch U - Song title in Darren & Evelyn wedding show ending?

    Hi, HiHi Can someone send the songs to me at [email protected]? 1) For a lifetime - Jonathan Cain 2) Bridal March - Jonathan Cain
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    Anyone know this song 'until the end of time'

    Hi,anyone can share this song with me? Thanks [email protected]
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    Anyone has the song 'The wedding song'?

    Hi, Can anyone pls help to send this song to me?Thanks [email protected]
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    Any March In Songs 2 Recommend???

    Hi, Can anyone send any of the following songs to me for my ROM. Thank you You are the love of my life - George Benson and Roberta Flack I pledge my love - peaches & herb The day I fall in love - dolly parton and james ingram Until the end of time – Jordan hill & Sarah...
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    JP Mr Eric Wong

    Hi Creamyz Pls advise how long does it take Mr Wong to sign the consent form and fax back to you? He has agreed to be mine but has yet return a copy. I m a bit worry he may forget...
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    ROM @ SAF Yatch Club

    Hi Jojy Thanks in advance. They have 2 locations. Where will yours be? Changi or Sembawang?
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    ROM @ SAF Yatch Club

    Hi Jojy Do you have any photo that you can share wif me?
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    ROM @ SAF Yatch Club

    Hi, Had anyone held their ROM at SAF Yatch Club before. Could you kindly provide feedback?