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    Advice needed on how 30 yo female can become self-made millionaire

    Becoming a self-made millionaire through playing in the casino is a big dream of many I think. When I was younger I also tried my luck and hoped that I would make lots of money in roulette or blackjack games. But well, I am still not a millionaire and especially in those times I lost more than I...
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    is $150 so damn important to you needing you to convince a stranger of your story. Frankly, you bought a package knowing the terms and conditions. Just move on lah. I just cancelled my HK trip losing some 1.5k. Accomodation and tix all on promotional rate not allowing any refund. Life goes on...
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    I am dating my ex's son.. Should i continue?

    Mischa is either a scriptwriter or just watched too much tv dramas. Yeah I enjoyed this thread thouroughly, but have come to same conclusion that it is fake of no importance for whatever reason. But it is till highly enjoyable for dramatic effect. Maybe mischa is a scriptwriter who wanted to...
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    The Other Party

    Dear Sky, I've read thrugh your post and find it hard to believe how you let yourself being treated that way. Don't you have any self-respect. I mean, excuse my language, this guy is a total a-hole. If I understand it right you had an abortion and even paid for it yourself. Didn't that wake you...