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    Suits for groom & groomsman

    My friend did his suit at Rossi - he says it around $1k plus. Another friend did at Emanuel B. Couture and her husband goes back to make his shirts there. Currently the pricing is $780 for 2-piece suit and $180 for a shirt.
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    (2016) 2016 brides

    Attached - Rate card for Androids in Boots (PG & VG) Enjoy!
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    Did you breakdown on your wedding dinner?

    Have you guys checked with your venues as to what constitutes one headcount? I went for a site visit at Fullerton and asked for clarification. They informed me that below 7yrs isn't counted and 7-12yrs is half a headcount. That being said, I'm looking to get a buffet option so I'm not sure...
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    Shops for Ring Setting

    Hi guys, I've just purchased a stone from the gem and jewellery fair and would like to know if anyone can recommend a good and reasonable place where I can get a ring set? Many thanks!
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    Recommendations for an intimate small wedding

    The only ones I know off so far would be Marriott (they have a min 8 tables option), Royal Plaza on Scotts (min 8 tables), Pan Pacific Orchard (min 5 tables), Fullerton (min 8 tables for Straits Room). Good luck! Using SingaporeBrides app
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    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

    Their last wedding fair was 3yrs ago as they have been busy enough that there wasn't a need for it. And they have different rooms catering to different number of tables. Boardroom - min 5 tables, max 6 tables The Straits Room - min 8 tables, max 12 tables Ballroom - would be min 25/35 tables...