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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    Any one wrote your own vows? Is it necessary to send it to Dr Phua for his approval? Thank you
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    Can I forgo the tea ceremony???

    Hi sweetbreeze Sorry to hear about your situation. My personal view is that since you have decided to marry your bf, you are also marrying into his family. I do not think it's advisable to do away with the tea ceremony even though I know it is very difficult for you to serve tea to...
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    Ang Pao for Helpers - How Much??

    Need to know what's the rate to give for helpers such as emcee, flower girl, MUA, photographer, etc. Also is there a standard rate for the solemniser? Thanks
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    Small Wedding Banquet - Programme Flow

    Hi sps, you should just go ahead with whatever you and your HB are comfortable with. No need to stick with routines. My wedding in March is much more simpler than yours Congrats!
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    My boy friend pays alimony to his ex wife

    Pinkie, if you want to remain in this relationship you need to learn to accept his past and also the associated consequences. The alimony is his legal obligations to his ex-wife and no jealousy should be involved. There is no way out of this. So you either accept it and enjoy your...
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    PRINTING wedding cards and anything involves printings

    Pls advise if printing of banner can be done. Kindly reply to: [email protected]
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    Dr Phua has sent me the consent form. Can someone advise me when should I do the e-Registration on the ROM website? Thank you
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    Burkill Hall

    I wanted to hold my wedding there but decided to drop the idea. From the nearest carpark to Burkill Hall is about 5-10mins walk. Not very convenient if you have old folks or if it rains. Carpark lots are also very limited. Also, you may want to check if they are done with the reno...
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    Hi, can someone advise what needs to be done after contacting Dr Phua? Is there some forms to be filed or Dr Phua will advise? Thank you
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    Hotel Fort Canning

    Hi JT Who is your co-ordinator? If there's no marquee from next year onwards, what will happen to the bookings? Cos I already locked in a date with them.
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    Any suggestions? Urgently needed >.<

    You may wish to contact Jane Ho of:-
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    Jazzy Save-the-date cards are for couples getting married to give advance notice to their guests on the wedding date so that they can keep the day free to attend the wedding. Your guests need not reply at this point. When you issue the formal invitation card, they can RSVP then.
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    What To Do With Pet After Divorce?

    Hi all, Thanks for your comments. I wouldn't be asking this question here if I don't love my dog enough to want to find a good solution. And I wouldn't even consider letting her go if I have a choice. My greatest wish is for someone who can provide her not only with shelter but with...
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    What To Do With Pet After Divorce?

    If after divorce, what would you do if you can't afford to keep pet dog who have lived with you for more than 6 years? Anyone have encountered this issue and what was the solution?
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    HDB flat aft divorce

    From what I know it's 6 mths
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    Car Talk

    I'm thinking of selling my 3-year old Civic 1.8 VTIS in the few months. Anyone can advise me how to go about it? TIA
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    Divorce: Sale of HDB Flat (Please HELP!!)

    My sis is getting a headache from this issue. She &amp; BIL divorce hearing is coming up in 2 weeks. The interim judgment will be given about end Aug and the final judgment around end Nov. Meanwhile, there's a buyer for their HDB flat which they bought from the open market and lived in for...
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    Margaret Brides

    Hi Cys Mine is a a-la-carte from Margaret Brides so do not have the package details. She has the whole works from flowers, photography, videography, make-up, bridal accessories... You can drop Margaret an email and she will reply to it very quickly. Just google Margaret Brides
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    Margaret Brides

    Hi Cys Margaret offers packages as well as a-la-carte. Also have off-the-rack bridal gowns and evening wears.
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    Best Home Loan Package (Condo)

    Hi E Tan Can you pass me contact of your broker please? Thank you