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    March in song and first dish song

    Hi Penguin, What's your email address?
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    Any invitation card designers to recommend?

    Hi All, I am getting my inserts from this shop located at Keypoint 1st floor. Its called 3 Rings. Their prices are quite reasonable and the owner is able to relate to most of what I want...
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    Angles Brought Me Here

    Hi to All, I am looking for the song "Angels Brought me here". Anyone happens to have the MP3? Appreciated it a million if anyone who has it can send it to me at [email protected] Thanks a lot!
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    Anyone has "I could not ask for more"

    Hi Marnie, Can I have the song as well? Thanks a million! [email protected]
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    hi bearyhugs, thanks for sharing the pictures... after looking at them, then i realise that it is u..... i'm the one who went to your plc last sat to view the workmanship....the world is so small huh!! anyway, i'll most likely going ahead with them.. also do not want to delay the reno since...
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    hi bearyhugs, can share photos with me? pls email to [email protected] i should be signing with them this weekend. tks..
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    hi, i'm interest to check them out after reading all the positive comments. BTW, can i know where is ho bee located? should i contact patrick or malcom? who is better?
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    Club Chinois

    hi fanyong, i've just signed up with CC.... very happy now coz i've finally settle the banquet... maybe i can speak to Eric or Kelvin about service at those corner table when the date is near... hope they will take note...anything is that are u taking the superior package? did you stick to...
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    Club Chinois

    hi fanyong, tks for your photos... they are lovely. may i know did you engage a prof photographer or your friend? they r well taken. i think i will most likely making my decision by this week. just want to make sure i did not make a wrong decision... so i guess most of your duest are...
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    Club Chinois

    hi fanyong, i'm also considering CC. AD is july 05. can share your pic? can email me at [email protected] would like to check with you whether will they provide different theme for selection? do you have any idea if they have the options to upgrade the deluxe room to a suite? i find their...