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    Has anyone come across my situation?

    If they were to sell their HDB and their CPF account does not reach the maximum amount. Upon the sale of the flat, any money contributed by CPF will be returned as per the original source of contribution. I can only see the reason being her doesn't want to give up on any of the guys in her life...
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    What should i do to stop that lady to keep texting my husband

    Conversation can be retrieved by a cyber expert. It may cost quite a bomb but it is doable and that includes video and images. That being said, you should talk to the agent and if it doesn't work. I think you should talk to your kids if they can handle it. At least you have your kids by your side.
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    Has anyone come across my situation?

    One question, are you rich? If you aren't, she might been living with her ex hubby. It has become habitual. Otherwise, she must be too selfish to give up either of you. What I can advise you is to ask her straight on the face and if it isn't logical. You seriously need to question yourself.
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    what should i do to make him stay?

    Being a guy, the person who has triggered this issue has to be his friend. I cannot think of any reason of why he gets so pissed with you only after 5.5 years unless he himself was deceived one way or another (I hope I am wrong but it may be another woman). If my guess is right, he must have...
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    Kuan Yin Temple at Waterloo Street.

    First of all, do you know the procedure to 求签? Secondly, did you misinterpret? I am a Buddhism, a Chinese and Thai buddhist. Many times, I pray for things I want but I just say most of the times my wish was fulfilled.