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    Advice on diamonds

    hi hi hope to get some feedback here. which brand diamond sparkles most? larry lazarre? tiffany? SK brilliant rose? for a one carat solitaire. thanks.
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    No Honeymoon

    hi maple: i rom in 2000 and wedding in 2004, to date still no honeymoon. though i would love to hv one, still waiting for my honeymoon. heee hee heee reason mainly my hb hates to travel. all depends on individual couples, discuss with ur FH.
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    hi hi all my mom n aunty looking to take up extra house cleaning assignments in bedok area. $10 per hour with min. 4hrs per session. they are both very familiar with doing house cleaining, ironing etc. pls kindly PM me if anyone of u are keen. thanks dabee
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    Bath tub in HDB bathroom

    hi hi i lookin for a portable tub. some thing like the wooden pic ones but plastic material type. i wonder how much these wooden ones cost... anyone knows where to get them? thanks alots.
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    200 for bathtub?... advice needed...

    hi hi need ur help here. i m lookin for a tub , just enough to sit in it for a soak. the round plastic material type, light weight can be portable. it shaped like those olden days wooden tub not the long rectangle type. any recommedation or anyone saw it anywhere selling it? thanks!!!
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    Branded Bags lovers, ladies?

    hi gals not only in euro in US too, if custom will spot u with fakes n fine u n confiscate. they are fighting with all non-athuentic goods.
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    A SEMI D, CONDO or HDB???????????????????????????

    hi snowy: ya to start off with a semi D... my opinion is unless u hv a huge amt of cash for downpayment first, otherwise stick to something u n hb are very comfortable with. dun ever sretch ur income to pay for ur hse. cos few yrs down the road most part both of ur income might be required...
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    A Place for the Already Married, who still lingers here in this forum

    hi hi i m the Sept 04 brides. now with a 5mth bb boy i still visit this forum.
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    For All dog lovers

    irene: ya loh, superwoman!!! hahaha. hope i can handle my dogs and my bb. of cos my hb also helped out as much as he can. now my tummy is getting bigger thus i hv difficulties to get up from the floor after washing then and towel dry them while sitting on the fl after their daily walks. ya i...
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    For All dog lovers

    hi Irene: good good. let dr stanley see ur doggie condition. dun worry too much , ur doggie would be ok. God will bless. yup i got two doggies. the white one is maltese he is 10 yr old!!!! my mom bought him and when i married my hb i bring him along to stay with us. just before we got our...
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    For All dog lovers

    hi irene: ok, i understand...good that you hv decided a go for ur dog. dun worry he would be ok after the op. do keep me update. sunflower, for my cocker, when he is one yrs old, i realised that there is this whitish circle in his left eye, and the white circle (cataract) become more n...
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    For All dog lovers

    HI irene: i duno whether ur doggie procedure is the same as mine or not. mine is same incision to break n remove (suck out) the cataract then replace with a new man made lens. urs do not need to replace lens? Dr Stanley did the test to see if my cocker is a suitable candidate for the op or...
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    For All dog lovers

    hi Irene: so the op which cost $3k performed by Dr Stanley or Dr Heng? for one eye is $3k, is this op an major one? is the procedure tedious? Did Dr Heng explained to you in details? what do u mean by "If I booked appointment with that Dr Stanley, he will run test on my dog to see if he is...
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    For All dog lovers

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    For All dog lovers

    hi Irene i hv not heard of "congenital microphthalmia" but now u hv seek professional advice liao right? which clinic u went to? is ur eye specialist Dr Stanley? he already confirmed that ur puppy eye will turn blind? if op, what is the sucess rate? then what the healthy eye, if the healthy...
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    For All dog lovers

    hi coco: maybe u can get someone to help u to hold ur doggie down in stationary position then you clean. what u use to clean? ear cleaning soln and cotton buds? i think if the hair inside the ear is not too much maybe should just leave it alone as urs only 3.5mths. hair can act as protection...
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    For All dog lovers

    S&A forever: ok if u can then bring your dog to see vet. i think should be ok since no much pain. otherwise, ur dog would be crying liao right, dun worry. minty, my maltese is 10 yrs old liao, i also very sad that he is getting older n will die one day. but this is unavoidable, so now we...
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    For All dog lovers

    S&A forever: i hope your baobei leg is ok by now. is she or he in pain, if not i think should be ok? sometimes, my cocker is also like that, maybe in the same position for a long time that is why abit numb. then try to massage his leg or thigh abit. i wanted to post my doggies pics here...
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    Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel (formerly known as Century Roxy Park Hotel)

    jen u booked liao? which day? dun worry. maybe now u can let ur co ordinator know that u heard alots of bad comments like not enough waitress, food cold, no bridal suite....blar blar... then ask them to take note, u dun wish to hv all these unhappiness on ur AD if not u wun pay them...
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    Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel (formerly known as Century Roxy Park Hotel)

    Hi upset: when i saw your comments, i also felt upset about what happened. i hope that you hv got over it by now. if ur relatives keep asking why u chose this hotel then tell them joking my next wedding i definitely wun chose this hotel liao ok. i am sure then they wun ask u again..... who...