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    Bad Experience with my Videographer from The Montage Guy

    I always tell my friends to engage people they have tried and use. It's the safer (not safest) way to go when it comes to important events like a wedding.
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    AD Photogrpahy Questions

    As a former bride, i feel everyone has their "factors" when looking for a service provider, whether it's hotel, PG, VG, makeup artist. Skills, chemistry, pricing, add-on perks, etc all play a part. Some couples are willing to pay more if certain qualities stand out or something about the...
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    Nice Singapore free outdoor photography

    Any public place / parks should be free.
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    yes. I agree. He was my solemniser. He's funny too. Will break the ice with his jokes and he can speak mandarin very well if you need that.
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    Carlton Hotel

    I don't have pics. The bridal suite i got is a combination of two deluxe rooms. but that was the old wing. I'm not sure how the new wing is like.
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    Where to DEVELOP photos

    grainy could be becos of when it was taken. i printed my wedding day photos at City Square Mall near Farrer Park MRT station.
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    COMPASS license for photo montage?

    I also think so. So confusing compared to my time when they weren't enforcing it so strictly for my wedding. I can't even give advice to my friends with so little info from the authorities.
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    Any infringement of rights with DIY montage?

    Eugene, my PG, my PG warned me about it for my wedding and i decided it was not worth the cost... so I scrapped the idea of a montage.
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    Any infringement of rights with DIY montage?

    Yes, I agree. Don't wait for tough enforcement before compliance as I believe they are very serious about it this time and they won't hesitate to take action. Eugene
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    Any reasonable photography and videography package to recommend?

    What's your budget. It's difficult to recommend unless we know.
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    Carlton Hotel

    I don't think you can choose coordinator. Mine told me they are assigned based on the groom's surname. ;) The Esplanade room can hold up to 15 tables in theory. Mine was quite crammed with 12 tables so you may want to note the constraint.
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    Videographers who can process Express Highlights during Wedding Lunch

    Hee hee.. Sorry. Just realised i sounded like my wedding pics are up in their FB. What i meant is i'm happy with the pics he returned me. The updates I meant were other couples I saw which are quite good too. Mine seems not uploaded yet. Maybe I'm too fat too be showcased. :P
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    Taiwan photography advice please

    Where did u find out about Asia Pac? never heard of.
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    Videographers who can process Express Highlights during Wedding Lunch

    hi gals! just saw you ladies just mentioned my wedding pg! not sure if your concern is the photography or the videography. But if it's the photography, you gals do not have to worry. My wedding day pics turned out great! Just went to their FB and saw more updates to their gallery. Not sure if...
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    Carlton Hotel

    Zactor, the bridal suite i got was just a combination of two regular deluxe rooms combined into one without the wall, of course. It's kind of different from other hotels which my friends got.
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    Carlton Hotel

    CK, the service ratio is not the issue. They are not short-handed. It's the attitude of the staff. You just have to hope you get good attitude staff that night/day. I'm surprised Simon left. He just took over from Zack in second half of 2009. Joanna assisted Simon when he was on leave. The...
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    How much is a live feed during banquet for the march in sessions only?

    Hi. I used them for my wedding. The pics turned out nice. Not sure about your preference of style. It works fine for me.
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    Any nice local places to recommend for outdoor photography?

    yes. i think country clubs would charge outsiders. members, i am not sure.
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    Any nice local places to recommend for outdoor photography?

    a lot of places now need to pay. my friend got stopped at the punggol club (can't rem name) and was asked to pay few hundred dollars for the shoot.