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    Bridal Studio to recommend

    I agree with Poohlim that moments are important. For my partner and I, we actually select our photographer first, because my bridal shop (The Louvre Bridal) offers award-winning photographers. Their gowns are nice and up to-date too, therefore we made our choice.
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    Korea Prewedding Photoshoot

    The bridal i engaged has korea shoot. They posted the korea pics at the FB/thelouvrebridal.
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    Any affordable and nice bridal shops to recommend?

    I signed with The Louvre Bridal at Bugis. Their package is very attractive and I recommend them.
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    (2013) 2013 Brides

    hi michelle, do you know that The Louvre Bridal has an event on 8/12/12? I think you can try to visit them on the day, saw their poster that they are giving $1800 perks!
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    Top up of wedding photos

    hi mrstiramisu, at first we are deciding between my bridal room and The Louvre Bridal, because both service is good. However the offer from The Louvre Bridal is really too attractive.. (ssshhh) I got ALL images returned and Unlimited photos into my album at the market rate! I am so far very...
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    Any good bridal shops?

    I love the photos from The Louvre Bridal. Their photographers are award winning and international recognized!
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    (2013) 2013 Brides

    hi michelle, after many rounds of discussion with my partner, we are finally decided and will engage The Louvre Bridal. Their photos are really good, because they are shot by award winning photographers. We still feel photos are very important to us.
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    Any Video and PhotoGraphy recommend ?

    I think they are calling for Paris: Ave 8 Coffee & Tea Dreamzcoffee
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    yup stephenie, i find my bridal room service very good, infact both i visited they not pushy. the package from The Louvre Bridal is very tempting and so much better, so we caught in a dilemna now.
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    hi Rachael, i sourcing around AD photographer too. I short listed Tinydot, Coffee & Tea, Avenue 8.
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    (2014/03) MARCH Brides

    anyone needs tips for gown selection? I got a copy from my friend in fashion, thought is useful. just email to me if you need it. [email protected]
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    Top up of wedding photos

    ya man, when we talk to BS, we have to insists for the number of images. That's why we are quite impressed with The Louvre Bridal's offer.
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    (2013) 2013 Brides

    hi michelle, they are one of my shortlisted list! I went to My bridal room and The Louvre Bridal yesterday. Both service are good, but the offer from The Louvre Bridal is more tempting and their photos are more stunning as compared. I yet to make my choice, but my partner prefers The Louvre Bridal.
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    hi Stephanie, i also booked appt with my bridal room and one new bridal, The Louvre Bridal. Because they are nearby both in Bugis area, I intend to visit them together this weekend.
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    (2013) 2013 Brides

    Btw, I got some gown tips which I find them useful for us to choose our gowns. Let me know if anyone here need it too, I can send you a copy. [email protected]
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    (2013/12) Dec 2013 BTB

    Anyone heard of Louvre Bridal? Came across them through FB and got attracted by their pictures.
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    (2013/12) Dec 2013 BTB

    hihi, i might be getting married in Dec 2013 too. My wedding date yet to confirm. Can i join the FB page too? [email protected]
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    I have got some tips on what type of gowns suits us from my friend. He in fashion. If anyone here needs, just email to me. [email protected]
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    Wedding gown

    I am sharing in the other thread that I have a copy of the gown tips from my friend in fashion. You can find out what type of personality and body shape fits what type of gowns. Those interested can just email me [email protected]
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    Any Recommended Bridal Shops

    Hi LZS, I am getting married and starting my planning and search. Bluebay seems good in your feedback, but do they go other countries than Taiwan?