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    Any popular JPs to recommend???

    Hi all, anyone engage Dr Kwoh Chee Keong b4? Any comments?
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    Any JP or GL for recommendations

    Hi, anyone engage Dr Kwok Chee Keong b4? Any comments? Need to know if he speaks Mandarin as well?
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    Recommended Solemnizer

    Thanks Jiening! Will he be able to speak mandarin as well? Prefer one who is humorous and bilingual
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    Recommended Solemnizer

    Any more updates about Mr Lee? Can I have his picture as well? Thanks! [email protected]
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    JP Mr Eric Wong

    Hi, can i have the photo and contact of Mr Eric Wong as well? Thanks! [email protected]
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    Ok, I got his reply...
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    Dear all, Is it true that Dr Phua only has contacts for his office and tel no.? I sent an email to him 3 days ago and no reply.. called his tel/office also no one ans.. I guess he very busy. Anyone know if he can be contacted by hp? Thanks!
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    Academy Video Productions

    Hi, My AD is 05 june 2011 Can i hv yr rate for 1/2day VG (morning) with express highlight? And do you have any samples to view? Thanks! [email protected]
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    Take note: UNETHICAL Photographer!!!

    yea, I wish to know which BS too? Becos I too took up PG from BS.. My wedding is on June 2011 thou.. Possible to email me? [email protected] Thanks.
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    (2011/06) June 2011 BTB

    oh, okie! I shall check up with them. Thanks!
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    (2011/06) June 2011 BTB

    pinkglove: Oh, I heard Moo Media is good too. How much is your package with them? Which yours inclusive of PG & VG?
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    (2011/06) June 2011 BTB

    purple: Yup! hee!
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    (2011/06) June 2011 BTB

    pinkglove: Im with The Aisle, Ballroom will be 1&2. Ya, I've sent Wedding Harmony about their quotation and the animation montage too(animation montage is ex man). As the VG, I not sure about the market rate too? Guess not more than 1.5k? Only need VG on the morning session of my AD...
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    (2011/06) June 2011 BTB

    yup! I saw too. Hee
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    (2011/06) June 2011 BTB

    hello girls! Im June BTB too. :D AD dinner at Orchard hotel, 5th June Booked our bridal packages. So now sourcing for good videography + animation montage to be played at the dinner + maybe a band performance at our dinner. Any good recommendation?
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    Amanda Lee Weddings

    Anyone can kindly provide me the basic package price and details they got from amanda lee wedding? Pls email me at [email protected] Thanks a million!