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    Where to source for good printer

    We designed and printed our own invites, program sheet, envelopes, thank you card too. It was not cheap as we used quality paper, an excellent printer and lots of ink. The great thing is we had the same theme throughout and every card was personalised with the guest name printed. It was also a...
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    York Hotel

    I agree that the food is poor. The ground floor ballrooms is poorly situated.
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    Hi Rihini, If you have tried the Rothbury and like it, buy it because you know it is a nice wine. A wine does not a wedding dinner make. You'll have a lot of other planning and work to do for your wedding. So don't spent it all on choosing a wine. Start designing your invitation cards. All...
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    Hi Rihini, I'm not a wine expert, I just happen to drink wine. For the table wine question, I've posted the answer before up there on Aug 18. You are right that Merlot is indeed easier to drink but Australia excels in Shiraz. So cheap Shiraz from Australia is not neccessary lousy and...
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    Hi Christine, I agree with Ah Ger that if you can get good South American wines, they are worth it. Problem is finding them. If you can find a source, go try it. For Chilean wine if you can find the producer Concha y Toro, they are cheap and good. OK, I have to admit that I don't know the...
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    By defination, table wine is still wine (not sparkling wine) and usually meant to go with food. But in many loosely used terms, it means "normal" average quality wine for everyday drinking as opposed to good wines. Merlot, Shiraz are grape types and they usually have different...