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    Yvonne Creative

    Thanks ahbui.
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    Yvonne Creative

    Hi gals, There was mention that other than Dily, the makeup artist is Ponnie. For interest sake, is this the same Ponnie Hsu from OStudio? Thanks.
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    Ex-schoolgirls meeting place

    me also from st nicks, 92 batch, like Yole and Astrud
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    hi vee kee, i am planning to go bali end of may. Can you please share the contacts. Thanks! my email [email protected]
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    SK II Products

    hi, i have heard ppl talking about the sk11 water and facial mask and i am comtemplating trying this out for myself. Anyone tried before? any comments? whats good? whats not? any side effects experienced by anyone here? pdts are rather expensive right?
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    Yvonne Creative

    The new young lady photographer is much more better than xiao cai,avoid xiao cai using photoshop to modifying your photos,he's skill is worse.
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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    hi, mandarin singapore seem not interested in email enquiries, email to them using the email on the home page but no reply from them! finally got someone there, zainal, also slow in responing!
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    New Zealand

    Hey me interested in going NZ for honeymoon in June?" Wat's the temp like? Wil it be too cold for comfort?
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    (2003) Brides of year 2003

    hello ladies, juz happen to browse this thread hee .. me oso can consider may bride coz i rom in may .. :p vin, there's a june 2003 thread at this URL you can join there if u like
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    Insight Europe Tour

    Sep03 Sin/London/Sin for Nov travel SQ 318 - $1700 (n class they call it special fare) but it too expensive, I go with Thai airways @ $930 tour price US $2028 (I got some discount from here) the rate was quoted @1.75 we need not to pay 1st till nearest to date, so still have time to play...
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    Insight Europe Tour

    Hi jas, I'm taking Insight tour, the 1st class 16D Highlights of Europe, agreed that the date is very limited. I have to postpone my trip 1 week after my wedding. My friend told me that Insight is a bit more expensive as compare with...
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    Advice on walk-in wardrobe

    hi gymmi, how do u know that? are u currently facing this problem with your clothing?
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Hi Bluebell Yes, saw Ray's work. He's really good but he's not available on my actual day. He recommended Hendrix but yet to seen his work. Have you seen it?
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Hi Luzon & Bluebell Thank you so much for your help. Really appreciate Yes, did check on the nos. of waiters. It's 3 waiters to 2 tables. Is this norm? I am sourcing for the acutal day photographer. Can anyone of you recommend one? Would like to have it in journalistic style?(hope...
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Hi Luzon & Bluebell Thank you for your reply. What other things do I need to take note of beside the menu? I am those blur blur kind. Thanks again
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Hi I need to confirm my menu with mm very soon. As I did not go for the food tasting, I need your views on what are the recommended dishes. Especially to those who had attended the dinner, held their wedding or gone for the food tasting, to give me some advice. Your reply is greatly...
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    Ritz Carlton

    Hi Piglet, So sorry to hear about your dessert incident. It's not very professional of them isn't it? But I have been to their dinners ( friends' weddings ) and found their food so-so only. I had to book with them at the insistence of my finace's parents. Hope Shamini ( my consultant) is...
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    Conrad Centennial Singapore

    Dear Ryn, Thanks for your encouraging comments. I think I'll check the place out. I love your idea of poolside party, unfortunately, I will have to stick to the traditional Chinese dinner. Cheers.
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    Ritz Carlton

    Dear Smiles, I have booked my wedding dinner at Ritz also, for next June. Problem is, we did it at a rush and therefore did not request for any extras, just accepted whatever they quoted. Could you advise what kind of requests you asked for and which they could accede to, and who your...