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    Feel unwell after drinking coffee

    If i drink coffee or tea in the morning, i will feel like vomiting and won't have any appetite for the rest of the day. Good for losing, eh? Hahah...
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    1 jiemei only, not good enough?

    Sigh... i have 3 jie meis but they are not on good terms with each other now. They can't even settle the dress code issue amiably and everyone is feeling sian. Sigh.. and i thought that jie meis are supposed to help u, not give u more trouble.
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    Qian Xi - Hilltop Garden Restaurant

    Hi Cecelia, thanks for the encouragement. I'm glad that u didn't have major issues on your wedding banquet. I guess minor hiccups are to be expected. Service wise, i guess we cannot really expect too much. I guess i should really prepare my guest list now. :P
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    Qian Xi - Hilltop Garden Restaurant

    Dear all, i had also booked the crystal ballroom for my AD on 25th May 2008. Besides wedding favours, and wedding songs, do we need to prepare for anything else? When will be the best time to go for food-tasting? 2 months before? Do u all have a coordinator? Coz me and hubby booked...
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    Any good skin doctor who can cure acne urgently??!!

    H Natalie, the website u recommend. Is it really useful? I had come across a few of this ebooks, and bought 2 of them. They all recommend fasting. This ultimate acne solution is something different.
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    Evening Primrose Oil

    I'm taking Kordel's EPO now. Coz of my acne problem, i take 3000mg a day, with 500iu of vitamin E and 500mg of vitamin C. Hmm.... i didn't gain weight lah.
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    Qian Xi - Hilltop Garden Restaurant

    My AD is on 25/5/2008. I find suz quite inflexible too... but i guess the refusal to waive off the 50% food tasting and 1.2K of ballroom is to make it fair for all the bridal couples who book with them. In my opinion, the free flow of drinks in cocktail reception and during the wedding can...
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    Qian Xi - Hilltop Garden Restaurant

    Hi dangou, thanks for your reply! But ... what if it rains? The ground will be wet...
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    Qian Xi - Hilltop Garden Restaurant

    Whoofy, i agree with u! The club also not that new liao, right? Why still need to protect the floor of the lift? They might as well wrap the whole of the club! Anyway, if by my AD, they still have that practice, i will just remove the cardboards by myself.
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    Qian Xi Restaurant??

    Yes, yes, call suz. We never have problems finding suz whenever we want to fix an appointment with her to view the ballrooms.
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    58+ Tables Wedding Banquet

    Off topic a bit.... i myself had booked 45 tables for my AD. But i'm a bit worried abt the organising part. Seems very hard to coordinate with so many guests.... Anyone can share experiences?
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    Qian Xi - Hilltop Garden Restaurant

    Hi LittleVal & Whoofy, looks like the 3 of us booked the same place for our AD. Hee... I have one concern though. When i went to view the ballroom, i noticed that all the floors of the lifts are covered with cardboard. Very ugly! Suz's husband (what's his name?) told me that the club...
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    Qian Xi - Hilltop Garden Restaurant

    Hi whoofy jo, so are u booking the crystal ballroom?
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    Qian Xi - Hilltop Garden Restaurant

    Lydia: U are welcome! Hope that u will find a suitable venue soon. LittleVal: Glad to hear that the food is not bad. May i know which ballroom u booked for your AD?
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    Qian Xi - Hilltop Garden Restaurant

    Hi Lydia, i went to the 2nd floor restaurant. Find it not as nice as the 4th floor. The stage is much smaller and the hanging lights are quite old fashioned. Hi LittleVal, i think that they have 2 red tables. One for your family and the other for your hubby's family. One personal server...
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    Qian Xi - Hilltop Garden Restaurant

    Dear all, i'm new to this thread. Had just booked hilltop garden restaurant, crystal ballroom for my AD in May 2008. My mom loves the crystal lights and i love the long march-in aisle and the reception area. Haha.... My hubby doesn't like the 1.2K booking fee for the ballroom though. I...
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    Qian Xi Restaurant??

    Hello, everybody, i just went to Bliss Garden yesterday to view their ballrooms. Quite like the deco. However, Suz told me that the Hilltop garden is even more impressive so will go there and take a look tml. Actually, i'm now still quite undecided between Qianxi and Dragongate. I will...
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    Any thank you speech to share?

    Hi LO, had pm u.
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    Wedding Camera

    I saw this idea in one of the bridal magazines. Think its a good idea! But then, its going to cost lots... U have to buy the camera, and if u wan the guests to write their well-wishes on the photo they took, then it will have to be those polariod cameras. Those are not cheap, plus their film...
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    Chevrons @ Boon Lay Way

    ok... that means 2 cameras will be better ba... thanks for the infor!