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    Does anyone know how to stop eating?

    PM me if you want to keen more
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    Avalon Detox

    I can help you to purchase just PM me for the pai du mei jian yuan or just go through their giro method and they send to you the one bottle of item by post every month.
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    Acupuncture - Slimming??

    PM me if you want to join me?
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    Pai Du Mei Yuan Bao

    My friend can help to buy and meet up will be at parkway.Interested PM me
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    Pai Du Mei Yuan Bao

    Pm me if you interested
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    PM me as I want make more friends too
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    A Place for Singles

    PM if as I want to make more friends too...
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    Acupuncture - Slimming??

    Anyone have before and after picture to proven you have lost weight over this?
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    Recommendations for good buffet caterer

    "Fu Kwee", I try and is nice.
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    From This Moment full version with vow at the beginning

    Anyone have "From this moment" ringer tone? can send to me?PM me
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    Any Good Air Con servicer to recommend?

    Contact Alan at 97453591 Highly recommend him
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    Acupuncture - Slimming??

    how much is the instalement for one month?
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    Acupuncture - Slimming??

    Anyone 1 2 go pm me..
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    A Place for Singles

    Anyone got account post in your co need staff Pm me
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    Anyone resigned without a job

    Anyone have account or admin job post in the East click my username and prefer not to be in Logistic co...Or anyone intend to open a co or business Will forward you my resume Thanks
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    Anyone know of a good place to rebond hair

    Mine was a lady who travel to my house only on weekdays to rebond nearly for 3 hours and I can move freely at my own house after each treatment.I just did recently and mostly can last me for one year plus depend on your hair texture.When I clip my front fridge up there it still whole affect my...
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    Maple Clinic @ Tampines?

    Anyone is the Distributor of NIKS product?Pls click my username as I hope to get a cheaper price than the saloon advertise in the website or anyone purchase them at KL.Thanks
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    Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre

    Anyone place in the East can recomend me
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    Acupuncture - Slimming??

    Any place in the East areas to recomend me?No pain no gain PM me directly
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    Constipation (Anyone has any help)

    Me currently taking a product recomend by my auntie and effective for me.PM me directly only if you need detail.