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    20 pax megatop VIP table

    Grand Copthorne Waterfront has the megatop VIP table.
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    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    Hi Jessica, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself at the BS trying on many gowns. Hope you'll set eyes on the perfect gown
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    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    Hi Jessica, Our wedding is just 3 days apart and same sentiment as you that there is still plenty of time..haha. But think next up will be to secure AD photographer. When's your PS?
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    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    Hi all! I'm new to this thread My AD is on 23 Jun and I've already booked banquet and bridal studio. Looking for AD photographer and JP now. Any good recommendations? Esp for photography less than $2000..Thanks lots!!