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    Academy Video Productions

    Hi, we will like to have the package price for AD PG and VG, we will be having lunch banquet, hence, we hope express services can be provided for the video to be shown in the later part of the day.
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    Yvonne Creative

    thanks ladies. I am ok actually, my hubby and I are all ready to take pictures again for our future anniversaries at other countries. I am not at all worried that Ladyboss will look at my posting...I told her exactly the same comments and is really for her good as everyone of her employees are...
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    Yvonne Creative

    Hi all, I will like to share my experience on the photoshoot I have taken recently with YC. I have to agree no less that the photographer is the key to a good photoshoot experiece. My hubby and I really have a bad time with our photographer which we thought was rude, impatient and tactless...