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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    You can PM me for details too, happy to share :)
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    Selling Pre-loved Vera Wang (Lindsey), only worn ONCE.

    PM me more photos pls, tks! Wld you rent?
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    Vera Wang Gown with flowers & beads

    Still available? PM me pls, thanks!
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    WTS limited edition Vera Wang Ball gown

    If still available, pls PM me photos, thanks!
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    2017 brides

    16 July ;)
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    July 2017

    I heard from a wedding coordinator (and he seems to be the only one to know this) that next year is Lun Yue so there will be 2 7th months, starting from late July (22 Jul?) will be the unofficial 7th month before the official one starts in July. To play it safe we'll hold our wedding before that :)
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Anyone has Denise as their wedding coordinator? She doesn't seem to be responding to emails and I've yet to make my decision on venue yet. Having second thoughts now cos I'm sure if I decide on Marriott the service will only go downhill from here... thoughts?
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    $8000 for Four Seasons Ballroom Looking for a kind soul to PM me the package they got at FS, tyvm!