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    Bridal Bouquet

    Hope it’s not too late. Highly recommend smile floral. Fresh flowers, very very nice design and affordable price. Service is very good too. I got my flowers frm them
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    MUA & Hairstylist

    Hi can PM mi pls.
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    WTS my AD PG+VG

    Hi pm pls
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    2018 BTB

    Hi, need recommendation for AD PG and VG, and MUA. Anyone have any good and not too ex to recommend. Thanks!!
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    Proposal Ring

    U can try out Michael Trio. I got both my engagement and wedding bands from them. Great service. U can visit their website to try out the customisation. Can get sensing of price.
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    Selling: Yellow Jewelled Gown

    Hi how much u selling?
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    WTS Various Weddings Gowns/Evening Gowns/Short Gowns/Slight Train/Ultra Long Train Gown/Kua

    Hi are the gowns still available? Can pm the photos please. Thank you
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    WTS: Wedding gowns and other things

    Hi can PM me the photos n details for the first gown.
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    2018 BTB

    I actually visited with my Friend (who was getting married) last year. The boss is really nice, allowed me to try on some gowns too. They are in my consideration, but just wanna shop arnd first to see if there's better options [emoji4]
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    2018 BTB

    Mind sharing roughly how their packages are priced? Do they also Price by tiers?
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    2018 BTB

    Hi, anyone visited Seletar broadway or bridal affairs? I'm planning to get gown only packages. Wondering which bridal shop has Wide range and good value packages.
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    Looking for solemnization venues under $2000 for 30pax...

    Hi Joel, Congrats! My personal preference is Pin Si Kitchen. A few of my cousins held their wedding and solem there. With $2000 for 30 pax, you can either order a sit down dinner or their buffet catering. My cousin ordered $50 buffet catering for their solem and it's really awsome...
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    A Budget ROM? Any advice?

    Pin Si Kitchen will be taking over Safra Yishun from Imperial Garden soon. They also provide high quality food at affordable prices. Can try out their services =D
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    8 to 13 tables wedding banquet & solemination, where to go???

    you can consider finding an outdoor area you're comfortable with and order buffet or outdoor catering. Outdoor Catering service would most probably be cheaper than in a Hotel. If you need recommendations for Outdoor Caterer can try out Pin Si Kitchen. Haven seen their Outdoor Wedding but...
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    Recommendations for good buffet caterer

    Pin Si caterer is worth a try. I've just placed an order for their christmas buffet cum stall as im holding a huge party. heard that their chef wld be there to cook.
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    Any Reastaurant to recommend for ROM"

    try out Pin Si Restaurant. You can order their high tea buffet and have it in the restuarant. My cousin had his there but not high tea buffet though. or contact [email protected] for the menus
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    Solemnization Venue recommendation needed urgently!!!

    im so sorri for late reply. but if anyone still need the info, their function room are available for above $500 and also min 30 pax i tink. they do have a function room that can fit in 70 pax. there's even KTV in the function rooms.