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    hi all, we are new to Ho Bee just wish to know how is their workmanship generally? where are they located exactly? AMK or kranji?
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    Noble House

    hi faith, thanks for your information and advice...but strange that i ask veronica but she told me that they dun have laptop to loan..but only have sound/audio system + video system...i am trying to burn my video into CD/DVD using mac imovie.anyone doing so as well?
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    Noble House

    do anyone know what type of CD format (e.g. MP3 or ACC format) is the cd player capable of playing? thanks
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    Noble House

    we are considering whether to get a nite stay at the nearby M hotel or our flat (if our flat comes then =) )
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    Noble House

    hi Precious, our is in Nov 08 right after yours....=)
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    Noble House

    thanks ariesta for replying....the ladies washroom is located near to the main hall, so not convenient to go cos the guests are seated there, even in evening gown, cos the gown will touch the it true that the bride can't see people before the 2nd mar in? guess my wife got to endure...=)
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    Noble House

    for those who have gone thro' their wedding in NB, what can the wife do in event need to go washroom? how to avoid to go to washroom? thanks
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    New Zealand

    hi vincee, i have found the AATKings but can't locate their itineary price for each of the program, can you guide me? thanks
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    New Zealand

    hi vincee, i have found the AATKings but can't locate their itineary price for each of the program, can you guide me? thanks
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    New Zealand

    hi xuer, am planning for a trip to NZ for my honeymoon too. can you provide me info about your trip pls? my email: [email protected] Thank you
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    Advise needed for Honeymoon in Australia

    hi all, Am planning to go to Australia, Melbourne and Tasmania for our honeymoon in Nov, is it a good time to go? cos near Summer time. And it is easy to navigate in Tasmania e.g. by self drive? How much for 10 days in Melbourne + Tasmania should i budget? many thanks
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    4" Wedding Shoes

    do anyone know what time do those shops in city plaza open/close? do they open on Saturday? thanks
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    Where to DEVELOP photos

    thanks loveann! =)
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    Noble House

    do NH helps us to decorate the reception table with flowers or do we have to do it ourselves? thanks
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    Where to DEVELOP photos

    anyone knows where and how much it cost if i wish to develop my fotos to 16inch x 20inch portrait?
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    Where to take outdoor shots? Props to bring along? Pls Share! Ü

    hi all, We are oso planning for BS, do you bring your wedding band along to photoshoot as well? We are having gold wedding band, am thinking to get a "white gold" ring band, is there a rule that must have the same ring for photoshoot and wedding? becos white gold tend to match the white...
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    Anyone took photos at Art Museum ?

    Hi, Do you mind sending us your photo too? thanks [email protected]
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    A question regards to rings

    i think you are referring to "white" gold rather than "big name" cos white gold design wedding band is always more expensive than real me, i am a bit more practical, hence choose gold instead of white gold.If today the price of white gold and gold is reversed, i will chooise white gold...
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    Nice Pubs as photoshoot venues?

    do we have to pay for places in Fullerton hotel?
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    Wedding Montage

    hi dexlaw, am interested to see your montage but unable to locate it via the link. Could you PM me your video? thanks!