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    Tasmania Anyone?

    Hi Jumbo, Realized that you went to the places that I wished to go. How many days did you spend there? How was the itinery like?
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    Tasmania - DIY!

    Hi Cat, can i check with you the room rates for Custom House? Seems quite hard to find it thru the websites. Thankie!
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    Tasmania - DIY!

    Wow, Cat.. the info given was really good. I'm planning my itinery for Tasmania.. pretty lost. So now, doing as much as I can to read up and find out. Haha! Shall go search out all the tours do cos am not planning to self-drive.
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    Advise need for Tasmania

    Hi Blue Ginger! Can give some advice on accomodation in Tas? Am visiting Hobart during May... Now sourcing out for the rite accomodation.. seems tougher than other places in Aus. Thankie!