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    Mandarin Oriental Singapore

    Hi everyone! I just held my dinner banquet at Atrium Suites, last Friday evening on 09/09. Want to share my experience here :) Atrium Suites is essentially like 3 huge conference rooms (Atrium 1 to 3) opened up and can fit 17 + 1 table, and that 1 table is usually left empty (or reserved)...
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    JTS bad experience with Dreamweavers

    Hello! I'm with Dreamweavers because it's tied to my hotel banquet too. My appointments and emails exchanges with them/ her so far have been quite smooth and prompt. Wonder why yours went the other way. Hopefully can get your refund soon!
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    Wedding banquet angbaos

    I'm sorry but your father sounds like he is trying to profit from his own daughter's wedding.
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    Prewedding photo package from Memoire & Co

    still available~ for budget brides this is a good deal- price is negotiable
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    Hidden cost of bridal packages

    It's from overseas earlier this year. It's a German drugstore I think. Some facial places also sell ampoules. If u have a regular one that u go to, can ask from them.
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    Hidden cost of bridal packages

    It's unfortunate that you have a bad experience with the mua! That's why I brought my own ampoules and my own eyelashes cuz the extra costs are ridiculous.
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    recommand a 5 to 6 day honeymoon

    Hi may I know which agency is this?
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    WTB AD Package for 2017

    Hi I have checked with my bridal, the prewed package that I am letting go can be topped up to an AD package. Link here:
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    SEPT 2016 BTB

    Haha those that can siam ones try to siam. Giving out initiations also will try to give before and after 7th mth.
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    SEPT 2016 BTB

    Wondering when are you guys doing GDL? Cuz I'm not sure when I should do mine. My AD is on 09/09 but Ghost Festival is 15/07-31/08. Isit a must to do one month in advance? I was planning to do on 01/09.