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    (2012/12) Dec2012 BTB

    Hi kitty, im a 02 dec 2012 bride... How's ur preparations? Jus signed wi feline recently. Any btb signed with them? Can show their completed work??
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    Carlton Hotel

    Can any1 send me the pricelist for 2012? Any pics of the ballroom is appreciated too. My email address is [email protected]. Thanks. =)
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    Crowne Plaza Hotel, Changi Airport

    Hi What's the max amt of tables the ballroom can hold?
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    Finally the truth.....

    You are never a nobody child as you have your mummy's love. Ur mum chose not to tell you simply to protect you. If your bf cant understand you, sorry to say he's the the one for u. You are the 1 going to stay wi him till death, so it's who you are is important not not some dusty history.
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    SG Bridal in JB

    Hi brides Am interested to sign up wi SG Bridal. Pls email me @ [email protected] if u can share your package. Do they come to spore for photoshoot?
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    Any Bridal Shop In JB You Want To Recommend?

    Iim interested in JB bridal package, pls send me urs if you can to [email protected]. Thanks.
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    Scrapbooking - Any enthusiasts here?

    Hi Ladies Im new to scrapbooking. Am decorating my ROM albums. Scrapbookstash is a gd source to get supplies as it's cheaper. Im goin to stock up xmas supplies to make cards, so if u r interested, pls drop me a mail at [email protected] by end oct 09.
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    Solemnisation at Amara Swimming Pool

    Seems like Amara is quite a nice venue. Jus had my solemnisation, lookin for AD venue. I guess there're bound to be some hipcups. Saw some mention abt the attitude of some of the staff. I believe diff staff have diff level of authority, thus they might nt accomodate to all our requests, so it's...
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    ROM @ Crowne Plaza Hotel (Airport)

    Hi Welenalexis I tink their package is quite std. U choose either high tea, lunch or dinner, they will throw in free deluxe room n free oarkin for 10% of ur attendees
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    Precious Moments Figurine - Any Collectors here?

    HI, i've a Snow White: ''Heigh Ho, It's Off To Play We Go'' Figurine by Precious Moments to let go @ $150. Understand it's oos in Singapore.
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    Neo Garden - Anyone tried before?

    thumbs up for neo gdn too.. serving is generous for eg, if u order 40 pax, u can serve up to 45 pax... the layout n garnish is quite neatly done but most impt, the food is abv avg as compared to other catering services.
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    4 inch wedding shoes

    Seems that most weddin shoes r 4". i bought mine from Tangs, 4" too. They have quite a couple of bridal series shoes launched recently.
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    ROM @ Crowne Plaza Hotel (Airport)

    Hi Nat I'm holding my solemnisation at Crowne Plaza in Aug. Hope you can post some of the pics taken during your solemnisation. I haven really seen the place
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    (2009/06) ROM in June 2009

    hav to meet 350 to get it at $2.60
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    (2009/06) ROM in June 2009

    HI Blur, Yes luggage tags. have nt place order cos cant meet teh moq
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    Luggage Tag Wedding Favors

    Hi, my fren has offer me this deal to get it at $3 each for min 100 pieces
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    Luggage Tag Wedding Favors

    Any 1 keen to get these? Can consolidate orders to get it cheaper. It's sellin ard $5 online. My fren can help me get it slightly cheaper. Ard $3-$3.50. MOQ 100 pieces
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    (2009/06) ROM in June 2009

    any 1 keen to get these? Can consolidate orders to get it cheaper. It's sellin ard $5 online. My fren can help me get it slightly cheaper. Ard $3-$3.50
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    (2009/06) ROM in June 2009

    Any1 bought Helium Mylar balloons to decor the area? Isit advisable??
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    (2009) Brides of year 2009

    Hi Nicole, u can consider M Hotel. They hav small function rooms. Or Amara sanctuary. I can recommend u the weddin coordinators. My fren hav their wedding dinner der n i find the food quite ok.